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A National Conversation on Research in Ireland

Creating Our Future received over 18,000 submissions, demonstrating that the people of Ireland want their voices to be heard and that they have confidence in the promise and potential of research to transform lives and create sustainable societies.

Thank you to everyone who shared their insights and ideas to inspire future research that will be taken forward to deliver a better future for everyone in Ireland.

What is it?

Creating Our Future provided an opportunity for everyone in Ireland to give ideas on how to make our country better for all. From science, the environment, health and education to poverty, the arts, diversity, and inclusions – all ideas submitted will help to inspire researchers to make a better future for Ireland.

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Why did we do it?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance and value of research and innovation in our lives. As a forward-thinking country, we wanted to ask how research can help meet the opportunities and challenges facing our society over the coming years. Creating our Future provided an opportunity for everyone to have a voice. The ideas submitted by the general public will inspire research projects that will make a positive impact on our lives.

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What is the process?

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We would like to thank everyone throughout the country who submitted ideas to Creating Our Future during the public engagement phase of the campaign....