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Expert Report

In the autumn of 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of Ireland were invited to consider how research can contribute to the creation of a better future for themselves and their communities. This national brainstorm garnered an impressive 18,062 submissions from people of all ages, as well as from different sectors, communities, and counties, and has generated a rich reservoir of ideas about the kind of future we might create together and the role that research can play in that process.

The Creating Our Future Expert Committee was responsible for analysing the submissions and synthesising the findings. Informed by the public’s submissions and the expert analysis of the working groups, the Expert Committee has brought forward key recommendations that are required to deliver on the public’s confidence in research and its impact.

Research transforms lives and contributes to individual and societal well-being, and it is hoped that the insights contained in this report will be a catalyst for research that will shape our collective future.

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Campaign Report

The primary motivation behind Creating Our Future was to gather the public’s ideas and to generate a snapshot of what is important to the people of Ireland. The campaign was designed to facilitate the collection of ideas but importantly, it was done so with an emphasis on dialogue and shared perspectives.

From the outset, the vision was one of inclusion and a determination for an understanding of the public’s needs in relation to research investment for the good of society. This included everyone’s needs – from the most vulnerable in society to employees in large multinationals.

Creating Our Future was proposed to create an opportunity for everyone in Ireland to tell the government what was important to them, what challenges they face and what opportunities they could see which would lead to a better future. The outputs of the initiative would serve to paint a picture of what is on the minds of the people of Ireland at a particular point in time and the role research and innovation can play in addressing those concerns and harnessing opportunities.

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The 18,062 submissions from the public represent a unique and previously unavailable snapshot of the public’s concerns and priorities across a broad spectrum of issues. As such, they have significance as a source of insight for policy, decision-making, and research in multiple arenas.

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